Invisalign Zodiac Aligner Cases

I oversaw this project from ideation, design, and hand-off, to launch. This was one of the most satisfying and fun projects I've worked on.

Why: Increase awareness of designed Invisalign aligner cases. Establish a more robust marketing process for new products.

Design process: We wanted to jump on the popular trend of astrology. I began researching the appeal of the zodiac. Understanding the appeal was essential in creating the aesthetic. Working closely with the business development director, we collected market research for inspiration using Figjam. After creating many variations for the pitch, we chose the designs you see below. Additionally, I worked closely with the vendor to ensure product quality.

Stylistic approach: Personalization, ethereal, cosmic, young, fun.

  • Client: Invisalign
  • What I did: Design, Branding, Motion graphics, Social campaigns
  • Software used: After Effects, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite

Marketing touchpoints

There were two distinct audiences in this campaign. One is consumers purchasing the cases directly. The other is doctors who would advertise the aligner cases to their patients. Stylistically they had to be the same but the copy had to vary depending on the audience.

Results: Social media launch views = 13.8k, Email launch click through rate =2.5% (best single send email results to date), best performing designed aligner case launch.

  • Audience: Invisalign consumer and Doctors advertising to their patients
  • What I did: Design, Handoff, Collaboration
  • Deliverables: Emails, digital ads, splash pages, Influencer kits