iContact In App Templates - Overview

To welcome their new client base in Spanish speaking countries, iContact wanted new templates created to reflect our new demographic. I wantd to showcase a more modern and clean design with bold colors and large fonts.

For Cursos Online, I researched other online education email designs, finding common branding similarities, like shades of blue. For a information driven template, I wanted clear segmentation without cluttering the design. I approached this by adding a little more white space and bolder yet not overwhelming borders.

For Cafe Exquisito, I wanted vibrant colors that were inticing for the viewing. This color palette I see commonly in restaurant and other food based designs. I used this bold color to segment the main article from the supporting article as well as using it as a call to action.

For Boletin Futbol, I wanted to offer a slight change up in the layout by moving the social media bar beneath the hero image. Each of these templates present key colors that highlight important information or sections for the viewer interact with.

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